Saturday, Dec. 8, 1945

342nd day- 23 days follow

Fair and warm.

George came in at 7 A.M. and I had him to with Carl up to the links.  I went up on the hill, fixed the fire and dressed 4 fowl.

Then I started for the links met Carl coming after me.

We found Peachy up there and so the four of us hunted all around the links. About 10 A.M. we went up the road into the Stones’ property across from John Davis’s and strung out for a drive facing the N.W. wind. A deer jumped in front of George and he got it, one of the largest does I ever saw, and George sure was happy.  We brought it up to Georges.

We hunted over the Pine Hills the rest of the day and got nothing.

The folks are down on the hill.

Thel went shopping with Dot Dunlap in Quincy.

Ski worked up at the store.


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