Tuesday, Dec. 11, 1945

345th day- 20 days follow

Clear and cold.

About 2 inches of snow this morning.

Fred Moon came to work this A.M. and it was so cold he went home again.

I put in all day burning brush down by the cutting garden.  I like to burn when there is a little snow on the ground.

I saw a few rabbit tracks up on the hill.

Finney’s shovel has finished digging out the river. (Sunday)

Thel, Ski, and I went up to Eleanor’s and I stayed and skinned Georges deer.  She is very fat for a deer.

There is a very funny incident connected with George’s shooting his deer.

I stayed till 10:30 P.M. and we played two games of rummy.  The first game Eleanor and I tied at 600.  The second I won.

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