Monday, Dec. 10, 1945

344th day- 21 days follow

White frost this morning, cloudy.

Fred Moon was up on the hill this A.M.

Worked cleaning up the gutters on the front drive.

Took a look at Duttons, it seems to be okay.

I got a letter from Gertie today.

Finished up the work on the gutters and saw John Finney.   He pulled into the drive for a few minutes and while he was talking to me a sparrow-hawk alighted on the fence across the street and it had a field mouse in its claws.

Started in snowing at 4 P.M.

George, Eleanor, and Marie came in for a few minutes.

Mrs.. H. called up at 17 minutes of 5 and Thel and I went up on the hill and got 5 ducks and took them down to Geo. Crowell’s.

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