Thursday, Dec. 14, 1945

348th day-17 days follow

Warmer. Snowed all day.

Worked in the house this A.M.

In the P.M. I burned brush.

Pic and the kids were here when I came home from work.

Ski worked up at the store today.

Thel went over to see Helen Finney’s wedding dress.

Moved a lot of beds around in the house.

Maraghy’s are having the east roof of their house raised up to make room for their growing family.

Chased and caught another field mouse in the grove.

George called up and said he had cut up his deer and to call Carl and tell him to ome up and get a piece for himself and a piece for Peachie Malaguti.

Got a x-mas card from Harry H. from New Orleans.

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