Saturday, Dec. 15, 1945

349th day-16 days follow


Snow again today.

Burned brush all the morning and got the house ready for the folks. After dinner I dug snow till Bill Whiting and his son in law came here.

I rode up to Gellers at Manomet with them to look at a car they thought they might buy.

When I saw the car I knew it was the car George sold when he went to war for $35.00 and the fellow that has it now wants $150.00 for it 26 months later.

The M.A.S. came here for their Xmas party. There were 23 members here and they stayed till 12:30 AM.  Thel had a birthday cake for Bill as it was his birthday after 12 AM.

Stopped in to Eleanors for a few minutes in the afternoon.

Charlie Sherman made a copy of a platform pipe out of soapstone and it is a beautiful object.  He made it without using  any tools except stone, wood, and bone.

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