Sunday, Dec. 16, 1945

350th day- 15 days follow

Snow flurries and fair.

Went up to Georges and helped him cut up the deer.

Went up on the hill and saw Mr. and Mrs. H.  Mr. H and I went up to see Chris Swift about the property they are hoping to get.

From there we went over to see Mr. Brewster about it.

Carl called me up about the deer.

This afternoon George and I went over to town and on the way back we went up on the hill.

Then back to Georges where we had supper.

Ski stayed at home and fixed up some stuff for the Church Xmas tree.

Thel and I came home early.

The Hathaways went up to Brighton and got Roger yesterday.

They went up to the pond today.

Helen Finney came in to Eleanors with her husband to be, he seems to be a nice fellow (Navy man)

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