Thursday, Dec. 20, 1945

354th day- 11 days follow

Fair and cold

Dug snow all day.  Some of the drifts are 4 feet deep up around the house.

Called White Fuel again today.  They said the storm had slowed up their deliveries, so I told them the storm was yesterday and I ordered oil a week ago today, so they had time to deliver before the storm, so they promised to have a load for me Sun. A.M.

Thel went to town today.

Heard Warren Davis is getting better slowly.

Ski is going to the Black and White Club.

Evelyn has taken her car and put it up in the paint shot with the fire truck.

The expected arrived today.

George’s brother expects to be home from the So. Pacific some time Saturday.

2 Replies to “Thursday, Dec. 20, 1945”

  1. The Black and White Club was started in 1845 to help artists in Plymouth. My dad, Walder Engstrom, was a member. They met once a week and would ask Plymouth residents to pose for half hour pastel or charcoal sketches. It was very impressive the amount of talent shown by the members.

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    1. That’s really interesting. I enjoy reading little tidbits like that so thank you. I’m actually an outsider (I think) to the intended audience of this blog but I have been fascinated looking into a piece of history.

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