Friday, Dec. 21, 1945

355th day- 10 days follow


Clear and cold.  The first day of winter.

Dug snow all day on the drive.

Put out a lot of grain for the birds.

Met Tom Doten and the other two men late this afternoon on the back drive.  We got it dug out enough for Tom to drive the big truck thru.

Saw a large gosshawk (goshawk) fly by the front of the house.

Lots of rabbit tracks on the snow up around the hill.

Stopped in to see Pick and the boys on the way home from work.

Marie was here when I came home to dinner, and stayed all the afternoon.

We got an Xmas present from Bud Hornblower and Priscilla.  It was a dozen Texas grape fruit shipped from there.

The kids have gone up to the Churh Xmas tree.

Georges brother Slim got home tonight.

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