Sunday, Dec. 23, 1945

357th day- 8 days follow

Cold and fair  wind sharp.

Went up on the hill at 9 A.M. to wait for the load of oil.

At noon Mrs. H. came in from Boston to get the geese and some of the winter clothes of Marthas.

I stayed there till 2:30 P.M. and no oil, so I went down to Picks and waited for the truck there till 4 P.M. then I came home and got something to eat and at 5:30 Treglawn called me up and said the oil truck was up on the hill.  So I went up and got home at 6:30 P.M. (Whole day lost)

Lots of B. Jays eating up the grain I put out.

Crows are feeling hungry as they have started to fly around buildings looking for food.

We have been expecting Dave and family all day.

Ski has been doing xmas church work all day.

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