Saturday, Dec. 22, 1945

356th day- 9 days follow


Cold and fair.

Dug some paths and dug snow off the top of my hedges, and yews and junipers.

Stopped in to see Pick and the boys on my way home at noon.  When I got home Thel said Mrs. H. called up and wanted me to pick and clean the geese that are in the barn cellar.

Ski worked at the store today.

After dinner I put on my storm door and dug out the front drive.

Then I went up on the hill and picked and cleaned the geese.

On the way home I got a ride from Walders to here.

Ski got some eels and we had them for supper. They were good.

I saw a robin up on the hill this morning.

Lots of rabbits up on the hill.

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