Monday, Dec. 31, 1945

365th day- The last Day

Mild and rained all day.

The boss was up on the hill this morning when I went to work.

Laer Geo. Crowell came up and they went down to their bogs.

I stopped in at noon to see Walder for Mr. H. about doing a part in trying to bring the Pilgrim Society back to life.

Saw  a big hawk again today.

The boss came back at 4:20 P.M.  He said he expected Bud and his mother tonight.

Ski worked at the store today.

George and Eleanor brought Marie down here to stay all night, while they are off oon a New Years party with Bob and Gretchen.

Squirrels and blue jays and both kinds of squirrels were at the feed boxes.

This is the last day of the year.  What will happen in 1946?

This is the end of the third year I have kept a page a day book.

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