Sunday, Jan. 6, 1946

6th day- 359 days follow


Fair and warm, about 50

Went up on the hill and saw Mr. and Mrs. H.

Went over to the store and got the paper, and stopped at Eleanors and George and I went up to his new house, and Miss G. came up with Charlie Holman and got her stuff out of the house.

A big buck deer had walked right in back of Georges house. 

When I came home I did up some chores, and went over into Phil Chandlers garden and found one black triangular felsite arrow point and one red triangular  felsite point and one red felsite long narrow stemmed point and one broken point.

Thel and Ski went to church this afternoon.  Thel, Ski, ,Geo., Eleanor, and Marie went up to their new home and looked it over.

Went up on the hill tonight and closed up the house. Found a note from the boss.

Stopped in to see Walder.

Ski and Jubbie went to fellowship.

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