Monday, Jan. 7, 1946

7th day- 358 days follow

(Paid John Jordan)

Warm. Foggy and light rain.

Went up on the (hill) and got a lift at the foot of the drive over to town.  Paid Jordan.  Got some socks, a mag, and a hair cut.

Stopped in to see Bob at the filling station, saw Con. Bartlett in the barber shop.  He said his wife is very weak.

Loaned Ski $110.00 to use on her Florida trip.

Roger Maroon came up on the  hill and took a look at the refrigerator motor, said he will be up tomorrow and do some work on it.

When I got home Henry Adams was here to pay me a visit. He came home recently from Iran, he looks fine.

Thel and Ski are packing up for the Florida trip, they expect to start very early.

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