Tuesday, Jan. 8, 1946

8th day- 357 days follow


Fred Moon was up on the hill this A.M.  We put a new halyard on the flag pole and painted it.

Fair and mild, swell winter day

Roger Maroon came up and put a new ice box motor in the cellar.

About the middle of the afternoon I rode my wheel up to Jordans old golf links and hunted for 1 ½ hours found one perfect dark triangular felsite arrow point in the Withies garden, and tracked two of the largest raccoons I ever saw the foot prints of, they came from Forge pond and went into the old John Hadaway swamp.

The Carl Rounds’s came in here at 3 A.M. and had breakfast and started for Washington and Florida at 3:40 A.M.

Stopped in to see Walder on my way home and we had a talk about the Pilgrim project.

Thel is going out to P. Sisters tonight.

Howlands Pond is all clear of ice, so is the harbor.

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