Friday, Jan. 11, 1946

11th day- 354 days follow

Mild and partly cloudy.

Worked all day in the grove pulling out brush and piling it up to burn.

Eleanor and Marie were down here at noon and went to town after dinner with Thel.

Ruth Finney was in this afternoon and she said Helen is fine.

Thel made me a present of the fountain pen I am writing with.

This is the first winter since I have been on the hill that there hasn’t been foxes around.

Mr. Hornblower called up and said that there would be noone down this weekend.  Mrs. H. said she was going to Georgia to do some quail shooting.

From the way she spoke I am afraid she has changed her mind about buying Walders picture.

Eleanor and George are coming here tomorrow for a week.

I called Bill Whiting and he had a long story about he and Charlie Sandersons hunting trip, and the stuff they found.

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