Saturday, Jan. 12, 1946

12th day- 353 days follow


Snowed a little last night, got warmer and melted off by noon.  

George and Eleanor were here at noon.

After dinner Bill Whiting came up and we went out to the Jones River in Kingston and we took a look at the place where Dick Bent found grave material.  From there we went to Peterson farm and I found one good triangular white quartz point.

From there we went out to Nippers farm and ran into Seamans and his son.  They had been there for two days hunting.

Bill found two arrowheads and two broken pieces.

And I found two nice triangular pieces, one white quartz, serrated edges and one dark felsite very good.

After dinner Bill called up to see if I could go hunting tomorrow.  I can’t so he is going to try Adrian Whiting.

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