Tuesday, Jan. 15, 1946

15th day- 350 days follow

Cloudy and warmer, started to snow again at noon.

Burned up brush and stuff from the garden dump.  Burned more brush this afternoon.

Today is David’s birthday.

Filled up the bird feed boxes, there was a lot of juncos around.

I tracked seven quail across the bowling green.

Quite a lot of rabbits tracks up on the hill, also some dog, a lot of [ goat?]  tracks, but no fox.

Today I got a letter from the Pilgrim Society, a yearly statement to members, so I guess the boss must have kept his word and put over my membership.

Eleanor went to town and picked up Helen Finney and her husband.  He is out of the Navy now.

Elizabeth Finney’s youngest son is over at Percy’s.

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