Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1946

16th day- 349 days follow


Fair and cold 0 to 10 at noon.

Lots of Juncos on the hill, and a flock of crows.

Saw tracks in the snow where some quail had gone into a chuck hole to keep warm last night.

When I used to trap I occasionally caught a quail in the skunk hole.  

A funny one happened some time in the night.  Thel woke me up and said there was a rat in the bathroom, so I went in and found it in the bowl.  Thel gave me the plunger and I tried to drown it by pushing it down in the water.  When I thought it should be dead, I lifted up the plunger and the rat had gone down the pipe.

We had a letter from Ski from Florida.

Thel has gone to club meeting.

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