Thursday, Jan. 17, 1946

17th day- 348 days follow


Cloudy but warmer

Oscar Norton brought 6 bags of sodium chlorate up on the hill.

The Gosshawk was up around the place, lit on a tree in the grove.

Got a letter from Mr. H. and a lot of postals and a couple of letters.

Eleanor went over to Plymouth Beef Co. to balance the books.

Took the bus over to town to get the ice box handle at the P.E.L.  When I saw it  it was the wrong kind, so I left it.

When I got back on the hill Roger Maroon came up and he had the right one, and he said he didn’t know how they knew anything about it at the office.

I heard that Sonny Fry, Harry’s boy, died in Austria.

Looks as if we may have more snow.

Saw Isaac Perkins in town.

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  1. Hi Ann. I’ve been waiting to see how long it would be that it would take for people in Plymouth to hear of my uncles death, about ten days. Reading the diary has become a part of every morning.

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