Friday, Jan. 25, 1946

25th day- 340 days follow

Rained hard first part of last night turning to snow, about two inches of it on the ground this A.M.  Fair thru the day melting most of the snow off.

Eleanor and Marie were here for dinner.

Stopped in to see Archie and Jubbie on my way home from work.  They are both feeling better tonight, but have been quite sick.

Got a postal from Ski, and the Hathaways got two.

Set a trap in the cellar for a rat.

Helen Finney and her husband came home today.

A couple of days ago I saw surveyors working on the beach in front of H.H. entrance.  I expect it is about building a new breakwater.

Lots of juncos up on the hill.

Radio says that we will have more snow tonight.

Worked a couple of hours in the pantry after supper.  I put aluminum pain on all the piping.

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