Saturday, Jan. 26, 1946

26th day- 339 days follow

Warm and Cloudy.

After dinner I took a walk over thru Bates pasture to Huck Davis garden, looked that over, found nothing.  Then went up to the Ira Ward piece in back of the pasture. Found only one flake on three acres.  From there I looked at the sand banks in Everetts pasture.

Then I started for the hill. When I got over to Bramhalls spruce trees a rabbit ran out in front of me and stopped about 28 yards from me where I could see it good so I took a shot at it with my 22 automatic and shot it right thru the heart the first shot.

Mr. H. gave me a ride home.

I got a letter from Mrs. H from Georgia today. She had a lot of things for me to do.

After I got home from the hill Thel and I went over to George Lee’s and had supper. Then Thel and Bertha took Evelyn home. When they got back we all went down to visit Bob and Gretchen in their apartment down by Stephens Field and stayed there the rest of the evening.

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