Monday, Jan. 28 1946

28th day- 337 days follow

Went up on the hill and cleaned up harness in the cellar.

Wrote an essay on how to build and maintain a bowling green and am sending it to Mrs. Hornblower for a Mr. Metcalf of Georgia.

We had another letter from Ski.

After dinner I wrote a long letter to Mrs. H. in Georgia, and Phil typed out a thesis I wrote on bowling greens and I sent it to Mrs. H.

Eleanor came down with Marie who stayed here while Eleanor went up to Hertsalls.

Warmed up a lot today and looks as if it may be warmer tomorrow.

There is a flock of a dozen Canada Geese in the mouth of the river.

Thel and I went over to visit the Hathaways after supper.  Cozette and Mardy were going to Kingston so Thel went with them.

I stayed with Archie till after 11 P.M.

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