Sunday, Jan.27, 1946

27th day- 338 days follow

Clear and cold.

Walder stopped for me this morning and we dropped Eric off for Sunday School then we went up on the hill and waited 1 ½ hours for the boss to wake up.

After he had his breakfast we all went up to the golf links to take a look at the property that we hope will be developed. We came back by Sherman Whipples and back along Clifford Road.  Walder gave me a ride home. 

When I got home Mr. Shanklin was here and stayed for dinner and we had a good friendly argument

May and Conrad dropped in for a couple of hours this afternoon.  Thel took them home.

I went up on the hill and checked up.

Dave is sick with the grippe.

George Dunlap….[is sick with the grippe]

Archie Hathaway…    “


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