Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1946

30th day- 335 days follow

Mild and cloudy started to snow at noon.

Worked in the cellar cleaning up harness.

Phil Chandler has dug all the small cedar trees in his pasture and cut off all the brush around the edges, and it is a great improvement over last summer.

Quite a lot of snow when I came down from the hill tonight.

Ruth Finney was in her to borrow a suitcase last night and she said she is going to L.I. as

Marian is getting married next Saturday.

I hear that Bill Downey is very happy living down at Ship Pond with Mrs. Murphy.

We didn’t hear from Ski today, probably we will get one or two letters tomorrow.

Erma Giberti is home for good.  I suppose they will start for California soon now.

Thel went out to club meeting.

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