Thursday, Jan. 31, 1946

31st day- 334 days follow

Snowed most of the night turning to rain then fog and freezing now.  It is the iciest I ever saw, it    (       ) ground and trees all coated over.

Went up on the hill and finished up the harness.

Went over to the store and got the paper, saw Harry Hadaway there.  He said he had let his tenement and the tenants were moving in tonight.

Started to rain again at noon and thaw, some slippery.

Got a ride over to town and got some rat poison in Jordan and a sporting magazine in Smith’s.  Rode back in the bus as far as the hill, got my snips and some metal and fixed up a rat proof place to put the washing machine cord thru.

George came in with Evelyns car and we took him home.  Marie was eating her  supper.

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