Saturday, Feb. 9, 1946

40th day- 325 days follow


Harry, his friend, his father, and Geo. Crowell were up on the hill.

Sawed some wood, found the skeleton of the weasel I shot last summer in the woodpile.

Bud’s wife is in the hospital and expects her baby some time today.

There was a grass fire on Cliff Street at noon.

Bill called me up to go hunting.  He and I went up to Wests Saw and I found three fair grey felsite arrowheads and one beautiful brown quartzite large knife 3 ¼ inches long and 1 ½ inches wide at the base.

From there we went over to North River bridge, here I found one nice small plummet, one broken groved adze, the edge broken off a long time ago.  Found one fine milky quartz stemmed triangular arrowhead, a couple of scrapers, and a lot of broken pieces. Fill found only 1 arrowhead all the afternoon.

Took a ride with Thel taking Evelyn home.

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