Sunday, Feb. 10, 1946

41st day- 324 days follow

(Bud has a daughter)


Fair and mild.

Went up on the hill this morning.Saw Mr. H, Harry and George Crowell.

Bud called up and said Priscilla had a girl baby 7lb.3oz. at 2 A.M.

Stopped in to see Walder and Pick and the boys on the way home from the hill.

After dinner I took a walk down to the beach  towards the point but the wind was so cold I went south up around the Hotel bluff, and found one medium sized triangular white quartz arrowhead, wenet over by Georges. Nobody home. From there I looked the sand bank over found nothing there. Then I went up on the hill in back of Arthur Woods, Seamans and his boy were hunting there.

On Charlie Pierce’s I found a beautiful arrowhead brown quartzite two inches long, one half inch wide, a pippin.

There was a grass fire up on the golf links.

Walder and Pick brought David and Eric ovr to stay till they got back from visiting Howard in Washington.

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