Monday, Feb. 11, 1946

42nd day- 323 days follow

Fair and mild wind No.

Mr. H. and George Crowell were up on the hill this morning.

Sawed wood in back of the barn.

After dinner Thel took David and Eric up to visit Eleanor and Marie.

Young Clarke was shooting his 22 again this afternoon, and some of his bullets were rickashaying up over the hill again.

Saw a sparrow up on the hill today, not as many birds around as usual.

We got two letters from Ski today.

Mr. Jackson the Globe reporter called me up to get the dope on Howards being decorated in Washington tomorrow.

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  1. I believe that the award Howard Engstrom would be receiving was the distinguished service award for work as Director of the US team assisting the British in developing a faster method for solving the messages intercepted from the German Enigma machine. It was either that one or the medal from the office of the order of the British Empire. He later became Deputy Director of the National Security Agency.

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