Wednesday, Feb. 13, 1946

44th day- 321 days follow

Fair and warmer, started to rain at sundown.

Raked grass all day.

Thel took the boys up to see Eleanor and Marie.

Bill Whiting came up on the hill this morning and he was all wound up as last Sunday he had a run in with the new game warden about ice fishing.  He even went up to the main office in Boston about it.

After supper I went over to the armory and stayed thru the drill period.

They were having an inspection and competition drill between between three companies.

There are hardly any of the old timers left, most all kids now. Met Col. Carr there.

When I got home Thel said Pic and Walder just back from Washington.

We got two letters from Ski.  She said they are starting home this weekend.

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