Thursday, Feb. 14, 1946

45th day- 320 days follow

Rained thru the night all of the ice has gone out of the harbor.

Raked grass today and the So. wind was very strong by spells.

Thel went up to see Eleanor.  I called up the bank to find out when the State income tax man would be in, and they said he was in yesterday for the last time.

When I came home tonight Thel was up at Georges as Eleanor had a bad spell so I started to walk up and Walder and Pick picked me up and took me up there, andhad supper up there.

We came home at 8 P.M.

Jubbie has bought an old Ford and he plans to live down at the pond next summer so he and I can ride up to the hill from there to work.

Walder was sick all day today and stayed home.

Raining hard tonight and a lot of frost has come out of the ground.

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