Saturday, Feb. 16, 1946

47th day- 318 days follow

Very cold this morning.

Mr. H was on the place this A.M.  He came down on the train.  He went off with Geo. Crowell.

Burned up some rakings.

The minister got here the same time as I did at noon.  Thel did some typing for him, and I beat him on a game of cribbage.

Pretty cold today but the weather report is saying warmer tomorrow.

Rode down to Adrian Whitings to the M.A.S. meeting.  Thel dropped me off from taking Evelyn home.

Some of the members had some nice artifacts they have found this year.

Adrian had a dandy plummet he found out to No. River bridge and Seamans found the finest side notched arrowhead I have seen found in Plymouth. He found it up at Bill Henry’s old farm.

We had a very good meeting and I got a ride home with Alden Sherman.

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