Sunday, Feb. 17, 1946

48th day- 317 days follow

Fine warm beautiful day.

Went up on the hill and found some more of the folks have come.

Thel and I went to church this morning.

In the afternoon the minister, his wife, and daughter came for a couple of hours.  He and I played cribbage and Thel and his wife and girl played rummy.

Went up on the hill tonight and came home and the folks had telephoned.  They wanted to see me so I went up again. Saw Bud and Mr. and Mrs. H.

Bud came down with me.

Archie, Cozette, Fannie, and Roger came over for a couple of hours.

Bud found a swell plummet over at the peach orchard, a real dandy.

Mrs. H. is sending in to Horticulture the article I wrote up on the care of a bowling green.

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