Monday, Feb. 25, 1946

56th day- 309 days follow

Snowed again last (night) and drifted into all of the places that were dug out.

Went down along the beach to look at the surf, a lot of black ducks, mallards, and some geese and shelldrakes in the river.  When I got up on the avenue Geo came along with the Pepsi Cola truck and he drove up over the hill to break out my driveway.

So I took a ride down on the Cape with him while he delivered.

I saw more English sparrows than I have seen in years before..a lot of starlings too.

I bought some nice bananas in Falmouth.

On the way home I left some for Eric and David.

Thel and Ski took the car over to Picks and got hung up on a stump.

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