Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1946

57th day- 308 days follow

Sun came up and went into clouds and it looks like snow now.

Dug snow on the front driveway.

Tracked some rabbits and a grey squirrel, ksaw a few crows.

Started to snow at noon.

Finished digging the front drive.

Thel has been sick in bed today with a cold in her chest.

Ski has been housekeeper today.

After supper I called up Charlie Sherman about putting on Harry’s pictures of Central America.

And he told me that Mr. Howes of Holyoke has died, and so has Ernie Clark of Marion.

I took a look at Dutton’s house and some one has kicked a hole thru the plaster board he had tacked over one end of the Pieassa. (piazza?)

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