Thursday, March 7, 1946

66th day- 299 days follow


Warmest day yet.

Sawed wood in the back of the barn.

About 11 A.M. Harry and Geo. Crowell came up on the hill and invited me to take a ride down to Marion with them to look for a house for Harry to buy for a home.

We went to a Real Estate agent and she took us around to see what was for sale.

Prices were terrible high and the houses poor.

So we went on down nearer New Bedford and looked at one there, a swell place right on the shore.

Then we came home.  Harry had a revised copy of my article on the bowling green for me to verify before publication.

After supper Thel and I went up to Eleanors to stay while she and George went to see the pictures.

Cozette has the shingles and David Neri has chicken pox.

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