Friday, March 8, 1946

67th day- 298 days follow

Cooler and partly cloudy.

Raked rubbish all day up around the house.

Rode my wheel home to dinner.

Thel and Ski came up on the hill and picked up some inside of the house.

The crows were making a heck of a racket in the clump of thick red pines by my garden dump, so I sneaked down there to see if I could find out what it was all about.  There was an owl roosting there and the crows were sure giving it a lecture.  There was a lot of pellets on the ground so it had been roosting there for some time at least.

Heard a mourning dove cooing for the first time this year.

There is scarlet fever at Shorts.

When I got home Pic and her two boys were here when I got home from work and they stayed here for supper as Walder had to work tonight.

Thel went up to Lucey Ryders to a Bible class.

The minister came in at 9:30 and played cribbage till 12 A.M>  He won three out of five.

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