Sunday, March 10, 1945

69th day- 296 days follow


Fair and cool.

Went up the hill and saw Mrs. H, Bud and Dr. Hertsall.

Stopped in to see Walder and Pic. Rode up as far as the church and back to the house

Thel went to church.

Bill came up and we made our first stop in Kingston in back of Dreeces and I found a very fine grooved hammer stone just as I started in to look around found another a little later and one stemmed white quartz arrowhead.  From there we went to South River and hunted for several hours on a five or six acre piece. I found one fair large knife, a small piece of a banner stone, one nice scraper, and about 25 broken butts and points.  From there we went out to Browns in Greenbush and found nothing there.

Ski worked at the Milk Bar.

Went up on the hill and fixed the fire.

Mrs. H. gave me some tickets to the Hort. Show.

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