Saturday, March 9, 1946

68th day- 297 days follow

(Arrowheads) Blackbirds and frogs  Ski went to work today

Fair and cooler very windy.

I saw a flock of blackbirds up at Howlands Pond.

Thel and Cozzette were up on the hill this A.M. moving some of the beds around.

After dinner I took a ride up to Bill Henrys old farm and found one round flat faced white quartz scraper and one broken point. Then I went up to Jordans old golf links and found one poor slate point only fair.

Tracked a raccoon there in the mud.

Ski started in on her first job today at the Milk Bar.

Thel and Archie are going up to the church for a committee meeting tonight.

Quite a few wild ducks in the Howlands Pond.

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