Saturday, March 16, 1946

75th day- 290 days follow

Fair and cool wind north.

Harry was up on the hill this A.M.  He and I put in the morning up on the Country Club and the Haire properties.  We saw Dick Adams and Bud Mabbit and one of the Myers boys.

We came back and looked over our old dig on the H.H. property.  Bill Whiting called up at noon and wanted to dig this afternoon.  I couldn’t go as I am going up to the church to help get ready for tonight.

Mr. Shanklin was in for a few minutes at noon.

Thel took Evelyn home.

Just got ready to start to go up to the church when Dave, Dot, and three kids came in.  They have a baby boy a State ward.

I went up to the church and the M.A.S. members were there to see me and hear an illustrated lecture given by Harry Hornblower about his trip thru Mexico and Central America.  Thel came home from the meeting so Dot and Dave could go to it.

Bill Whiting found a beautiful crystal quartz arrowhead.

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