Sunday, March 17, 1946 

76th day- 289 days follow


Dave gave me a ride up on the hill this A.M.  We saw Mr. H., Mrs. H, and Harry.   Mrs. H took Davene thru the house.

We went around by the store and got the papers.

Walder, Pic and the boys came in for a while after Sunday School.

George and Eleanor and Marie came after dinner.

Bill Whiting came in and he and I went up to the Browne dig and put in a couple of hours and all we found was about a quart of flakes and a few broken points.

We got back in time for supper.

After Dave and his family left for home we went up to Eleanor and Georges, we played eleven games of crib.  George and I won nine.

Marily Finney was here over the weekend.

Ski went to work tonight.

She is going to take care of the WHDH frequency Modulation test set at Driscolls.

The Hornblowers are going down on the Cape to look at houses for Harry.

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