Monday, March 18 1946

77th day- 288 days follow

(Jubbie worked today)

Fair today wind north.

Carl Bolt came up on the hill this A.M. and he and I went over to H.H. greenhouse and visited Steve.  He drove me home at noon.

Raked up in the grove.

Jubbie came to work today.

The minister came in and had supper with us tonight.  He had been out on a fishing (boat)

On the salt water all day.  We played one game of cribbage, I won.

After supper Geo, Eleanor and Marie came in after supper and we played 7 games of cribbage.

I won  five. George got skunked three times.

Thel went up to a meeting of the building committee at the church.

Thel took them home.  Marie stayed here.

Ski got her radio job up at the Driscolls and the guy gave her $10.00 in advance.

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