Thursday, March 21, 1946

80th day- 285 days follow

(Rogers Cat)

Worked all day fertilizing and raking lawns.

Jubbie worked today.

Ski went up to the hospital and had some x-ray pictures taken of the bump on her forehead.

Stopped in to see Pic and the boys on my way home from work.

Ruthie Vanamberg is studying Egypt Archeology so I gave her one of my terracotta figures from one of the British Museum collections.  While I was there Roger came in crying, he said that the bus had run over and killed his cat.

Ski said her W.H.D.H. radio sets up at Driscolls is running O.K. to date.

Thel saw two dogs worry something on the far side of the river so I went back up on the hill that way and found it was a wild goose they apparently had killed.

One Reply to “Thursday, March 21, 1946”

  1. I am a Plymouth native and recognize most of the names in the diary, however, I have always wondered who Jubbie is. Does anyone know?


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