Wednesday, March 20, 1946

79th day- 285 days follow


Fair and cool wind north.

My old friend the flycatcher was back on the same tree by my shop that they have nested on for the last four years.

Took the straw off the flower beds. Geo. Crowell and Oscar Norton were up on the hill this morning.  They brought me some edging boards for flower beds.

Chet and Howard were up with a load of loam and fertilizer from John Finney.

Harry came up on the hill about 2:30 PM and wanted me to ride to Marion to look at some more houses.  He has rented one of the Hobart houses for the summer.

Jubbie worked today.

Tilley and Ski hit a tree when they were coming home last night and Ski went to see Dr. Eastwood for a bump on her forehead, and she has to have it x-rayed tomorrow.

The women are having a stork shower up at Frasers for Dot Dunlap.

The chipmunk was out around my shanty this A.M.

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