Saturday, March 23, 1946

82nd day- 283 days follow

Fair and cold wind north.

Mr. H. slept in the house last night but I didn’t see him.

Cleaned up the rose beds.

Ski went to work today.  Her face is still swollen.

Got a program of the M.A.S. semiannual meeting from Mr. Barden.

After dinner Thel and I went to the camp for the first time since last fall.  We gave it a good cleaning up, the pump worked fine.

The pond is high almost over the inside beach.

We came back and threw some rubbish in the Manomet dump.  Gellar is enlarging his gas station in Manomet.

Harry left a note on the back door. He, Dimp, and his mother have gone down to Marion.

George and Eleanor came in and Eleanor and Thel beat us three games of cribbage.  Bill called up. He had been to town meeting. He said Pete Sherman made a good speech from the floor about the articles on Town Brook.

Thel and Ski took Evelyn home.

Played three games of crib with Thel. Won two.

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