Sunday, March 24, 1946

83rd day- 282 days follow

Went up on the hill saw all the folks.  Mrs. H. gave me some copies of “Horticulture” that have the article I wrote.

Stopped in to see Redo on the way home.

I went down to see how Phil Chandler was.  I saw Jennie and she said that there was no hope for him, and she took me in to see him.  I stayed ½ an hour.

Thel and I went to Church and when we got home the Shanklins came in and we all went down to the camp for dinner.

The Hathaways all came down and we had a very pleasant day.  Eddie and Mr. Shanklin pitched horseshoes against Archie and I. We won.

Stopped up at the hill tonight.  There was quite a gang there.

Ski went up to the Fellowship.

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  1. The article appeared in the March 15, 1946, Massachusetts “Horticulture” magazine. Thanks to diligent research done by Fred Dunford, a copy of that article is on the blog website. Thank you, Fred.

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