Tuesday, March 26, 1946

85th day- 280 days follow


Fair and warm wind So.W.

The Parafax men brought up a new gas stove and installed it where the old one was.  They tell me they will not be delivering any more to the hill.  We have been changed over in Hanson territory.

Jubbie worked today.

Chet Downie came up this P.M.  He said he weighs 265 and he hasn’t as much stomach as he used to have either.

I saw my first toad and firstd grasshopper today.

Ski went to work today.

Richard Greenwood was up and got some water.

Heard Charlie Shermans wife is up at the hospital for a serious op.

Haven’t heard from Phil Chandler.

Thel went over to the Pythian Sisters to put on a supper.

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