Friday, April 5, 1946

95th day- 270 days follow

Fair and cold. Wind north

Joe Manter was up this A.M. and plowed the fire belt.

Mowed lawns for the first time today.

There was another fellow up at Drdiscolls from W.H.D.H.  He was looking for Ski, as he thought they were going to experiment with it some more.

Jubbie finished mowing the lawns.

While we were playing horse shoes a young fellow came up looking for Harry.  He is Jimmie Stern’s son up at long pond.

Fixed the hot water and heater in the house so if anyone omes down tonight it will be o.k.

Mrs. H. called up tonight and said they were all coming down tomorrow.

Ski and Tillie are going to the show tonight.

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