Saturday, April 6, 1946

96th day- 269 days follow


Partly cloudy. One hard shower.

Jubbie and I went down to the foot of the drive and grubbed out a lot of rose bush roots.

Then we came up to the black berry patch and pruned that up.  George came here at noon and he and I dug up one of my catalpa trees and took it up to his place and planted it.  Then after the rain squall Thel and I went down to the camp and I found two white quartz arrowheads in the sand banks of Haskell’s bogs.

Filed my buck saw and tried it out at the camp.

Eleanor found the base of a beautiful quartzite brown arrowhead in George’s garden.

Thel and Ski went to town tonight.

Tom Dotens boy had another of his fits this afternoon in front of Kilmers.

When I stopped at the hill Harry, Dimp, Mr. H. and Geo. Crowell were there.

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