Tuesday, April 9, 1946

99th day- 266 days follow

Rained most all day cold.

Finished painting the screens.

Jubbie didn’t work today.

Carl Bolt came up on the hill after dinner and gave me some montbretia* bulbs

Redo Neri brought up the toilet material and started to put it in.

I rode over to town after work and stopped on the way back at Guy Coopers and got some plugs so I can fix the wheel barrow wheel.

After supper I took the seed up to Georges and loaned him my gardening book.  If things go right we will start to plant his garden Sun. morning.

Rained the first part of the evening but clear now.

Ski went to work tonight under the new management.

I heard that Nona Palavanchi won $700.00 on a lottery ticket.

*editor’s note- montbretia bulbs are crocosmia, which are a scarlet red summer bloomer

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