Monday, April 8, 1946

98th day- 267 days follow

Fair and cool to cloudy.

John Finney and Woody were up on the hill this A.M. to look over repairing the driveway.

Tore up the shrubs on the north side of the house.

When I came home at noon Eddie was working on Ski’s boat with her.

Bill Armstrong was up to see Ski this A.M. It seems Tillie has lost her job at the Milk Bar and he was afraid that Ski might leave because Tillie was out.

This afternoon Jubbie and I dug up some cedar trees away over on the old Vickery lot and carried them way up to the house and planted them.

Thel and May Covell went up to Brockton this A.M. and haven’t got home yet.

Saw two flickers, two blue jays, and two flycatchers. The birds are apparently mated up for this summer.

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